what we do

At The Farm Cafe love creating weddings that are personal, meaningful and an authentic reflection of the couple being married.

We think the recipe for an awesome wedding is pretty simple: a whole bunch of people who love and support you, some incredible food, good drinks, tunes, and a great atmosphere. A wedding is the best party you'll ever throw, and we're here to help make that happen!

So what do we do?  As much as we're big advocates for the fact that organising a wedding can be straightforward and fun, there's a lot that needs to come together in the lead up and on the day. We want wedding planning to be as stress free as possible and are your go-to people to help pull everything together. Your event planner will help guide you though the process of planning your wedding, things like coming up with a floorplan, menu choices and even recommending great vendors like florists, furniture hire and bands.





Furniture & Styling Equipment

The way we work is all about collaboration - while we can do it all (almost!), we are also open to helping setup your own items and giving you ideas for what works. So if you want to make all the decorations yourself - fantastic! On the day, we'll set them up for you and make it look like what you would do , without you having to do the work. If you have a favourite vendor? Awesome! We'll be happy to work with them and give them any advice they need based on our knowledge of your plans and the venue. 

We think of the process should be fun, and we are here to make sure you enjoy the planning just as much as the day itself!