Roxy and Rohan

Roxy and Rohan's wedding was filled with unique personal touches. From the 'round the world' theme to reflect their own extensive time travelling together, to the inclusion of their daschund both in person at the ceremony (wearing his blue bow tie) and in sugar form on their cake at the reception, this was a wedding that truly represented the personality of the couple. 

Photography by Timothy Marriage, photos used here with kind permission.

Courtney and Matt

These two lovebirds had an incredible wedding, from the ceremony under the shady oak complete with live music to the incredible TipiKata set up in the paddock. They celebrated under the stars with an outdoor bar and dancefloor to the glow of our festoon maypole. Heaps of fun!


Photos provided by Kitty Wursthorn and Timothy Marriage.

Madeline and Lachlan at Mountain Goat

Madeline and Lachlan got married and celebrated in the same awesome venue: Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond. Their ceremony took place in front of a giant light-up love heart - afterwards, the space turned into the dancefloor!


Photography by Jason Vandermeer, used here with kind permission.

Healthy Roast Pumpkin & Chickpea Salad with Dukkah and Tahini Yoghurt Dressing

Fans of our Super Salad will know we love our healthy meals in a bowl. This recipe is great for a quick and healthy lunch that is also full of flavour, and most importantly uses ingredients you probably already have in the fridge.

Quantities for this recipe are all approximate, the other beauty of this recipe is that its very forgiving, and suits those of us with a 'bucket chemist' approach to cooking. Feel free to vary it based on the number you're feeding, what you have on hand or just personal taste.

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Honeymoon Ideas: Secluded Desert Beach House, South Australia

While we try to make planning your wedding as easy as possible, sometimes its looking forward to your honeymoon that gets you through the process. Finding the right location can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, so we've started a new blog series with our picks for unique honeymoon destinations.

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Pirate Biscuits - AKA Homemade Choc Wheatens

These are the ultimate go-to biscuit - incredibly easy, relatively good for you, and perfect with a cup of tea. Better yet, in un-chocolated form they are a classic plain biscuit that are ideal for kids playing pirate ships who want some authentic-looking (but undoubtedly better tasting) snacks.

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Nanna's Maltese Ricotta Cheese Pie

Flaky pastry. Warm cheesy filling flavoured with fresh herbs. Sounds good right? This traditional Maltese dish is one of the most comforting winter warming dishes we're super excited to have on special in the cafe this season.

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Ten Minute Mandarine Loaf Recipe

This mandarine loaf is hands down one of the simplest, most delicious cakes around. The honey plus the lack of eggs or butter makes it less 'cakey', giving a sticky, slightly chewy texture.

The perfect afternoon tea morsel fresh out of the oven, its also great a day or two later toasted, and its easily made in about 10 minutes plus cooking time.

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Our 3 Favourite Melbourne Wedding Venues

As wedding caterers and event managers, we get to go into some of Melbourne's most beautiful wedding venues. These are not your standard wedding reception centres, rather they are some of Melbourne's most unique spaces, from galleries to shops, breweries, performance spaces and florists.

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Alice and Cal at Glasshaus

Alice and Cal were married in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens and celebrated in great style with a picnic and champagne with their bridal party, keeping the time having photos fun. Captured by our photographer Kitty Wursthorn, the party then moved on to the stunning Glasshaus Nursery in Richmond where guests feasted on a special custom French inspired menu from our graze table and a selection of homemade sweets from Alice's family. 

Things to Do at the Abbotsford Convent

Abbotsford Convent is one of Melbourne's most creative hubs and is just up the path from us at the Collingwood Children's Farm. There's always something to do at the Abbotsford Convent and new things are happening all the time so its always worth coming down for a visit and seeing what's going on in any given week.

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Butterscotch Scrolls Recipe

These are actually upside down scrolls, cooked in base of homemade butterscotch and flipped when out of the oven. Crunchy, gooey and soft all at once and are amazing hot out of the oven when the butterscotch is its caramely best. This recipe is adapted from an original Better Homes and Gardens 1960s cookbook in all its retro goodness and so features light corn syrup - not the world's healthiest recipe but sometimes that's best right?

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The Farm Cafe's Favourite Wedding Suppliers

Working on so many weddings we get to see some of Melbourne's most awesome wedding suppliers. It seems a waste to keep all this to ourselves, so here's a totally subjective and non-definitive but hopefully helpful list of some other people doing cool and useful stuff in the wedding industry.

(Oh and we're proudly independent and corruption-free here at the Farm Cafe, so no bribes were taken - some people here probably don't even know they made it onto this list - so hand on our heart its just our honest to goodness opinion based on real old fashioned experience).

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Hot Cross Bun Recipe

These hot cross buns are hearty and delicious, stuffed with fruit and fragrant with mixed spices. The home made crosses are firmer and chewier than what you'll find on most bakery buns, but the textural contrast with the softness of a fresh-out-of-the-oven bun is fantastic.

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Beautiful Readings & Quotes for Wedding Ceremonies

Here are some of our favourite quotes and poems to be read during a wedding ceremony, whether in their entirety or incorporated in the vows. They each have something interesting to say about love that the less poetic of us may struggle to put into words, but will recognise as true and poignant. 

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8 Vintage Love Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

We can't go past a vintage love song: with the start to the year come so many exciting weddings, so we put together a list of 8 of our favourite songs that are perfect to play while walking down the aisle, at the first kiss, or any time during the ceremony or reception!

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Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Recipe

Its an open secret that no one really likes Christmas pudding, so there’s always heaps left over!  Our chef Jodi Blokkeerus shares her way to use up the left over unwanted pudding, and suggests you could also include left over trifle, mince tarts, cookies or alcohol too.  

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