Bianca and Mark

Another glorious Melbourne Spring day! Bianca and Mark had a really special ceremony under the oak tree and then everyone moved up to the cafe for their reception. The cafe was the perfect venue to showcase the amazing weather, with it's open-air architecture and ceiling-high windows.

Aaron and Mayu

We loved this day! The weather was 'Goldilocks' (not too hot and not too cold) and Aaron and Mayu bought their gorgeous pooch whom you can see photos of below. They celebrated in at the Farm cafe and had a 'Where the Wild Things Are' theme. We wish all of our couples brought their dogs!

Jayne and Mark's engagement party

The lovely Jayne and Mark celebrated their engagement at The Farm Cafe on a romantic evening in late Autumn. There is something really special about the farm at this time of year and this night was no exception. The cafe was intimate and cosy, and heaters, dancing and fine wine kept everybody toasty. 

Ellie and Mark's engagement party

Ellie and Mark had their magical engagement bash on a clear Autumn evening at the farm. It was quiet all around but the revelry at the cafe could be heard bouncing off the embankments of the Yarra. It was a lovely and relaxed event with red wine, hot chocolates and dancing all round, and the fog rolling down the bike path was so special and romantic.