Weddings in the Paddock

The stables paddock at the Collingwood Children's Farm is a beautiful place for a wedding. With views to the yarra river, a starry night sky and a border of gum trees your guests will feel a million miles away from the city. We recommend a Marquee, Tipi or Sperry Tent as Melbourne's weather should never dampen your day!


We highly recommend getting a marquee big enough to seat all your guests as well as space for a dancefloor and bar. If the weather's perfect these can be outside but it's always good to have backup space if it rains. Flooring and lighting complete the look and ensure guests will be comfortable all night long. 

Price Guide: 

Marquee 10m x18m with clear walls and roof (seats up to 150 guests) : $4100

Timber flooring: $2800

Lighting: $780

Dancefloor: $390

We recommend Dom at Marquee Monkeys


Looking for something a bit different? How about a Tipi! Placed together you can create any floorplan you wish and leave all the sides open to truly embrace the outdoors. Don't forget to include festoon lighting around the edges, it's an absolute must!

We recommend Scotty at Tipi Tipi

Price Guide:

Double tipi with flooring and a dancefloor (upto 120 guests): $5000

Triple tipi with flooring and a dancefloor (Upto 140 guests): $6900


Sperry Tents

Stunning handcrafted ‘Sperry’ sailcloth tents, with a sweeping canopy supported by natural wooden poles, create a signature look that conveys both elegance and romance. Sought after across the world, Sperry Tents add a special element to any outdoor event.

We recommend Under Sky

Price guide:

10m x 20m "Oyster" tent (Seats upto 150): $6000

Woven mat flooring: $800

Lighting: $800


Absolutely essential for any paddock wedding, nearby toilets are a thoughtful and convenient addition so guests don't miss a moment of your big day. Prices start from $800 for clean and pretty mens and womens bathrooms

We recommend Black Tie Toilet Hire