Pro Tips About Wedding Photography - 2

In the second of the two-part series we talk to one of our favourite wedding photographers Timothy Marriage about how to go about choosing a photographer, what you should expect and how much it cost. After the wedding is all over, the photos are the main tangible remaining memory. Plus you will spend most of the day with your photographer, so its important to make sure you 'click' (no pun intended!). Tim is great fun and also super organised and responsive - take it from us, that's a winning combination!



Tim Marriage

Tim Marriage

Let's jump right in - what makes a great wedding photographer?
I’d say couples getting married at the farm are definitely after someone super friendly and relaxed, who is happy to go with the flow. Everyone and everything at a wedding has the potential to deliver an awesome moment and deserves the photographer’s attention. Plus, it’s probably the one time you’ll ever have all the amazing people in your life together in the same location, you want someone who understands that, and can make the most of it!

How long do you need to engage a photographer for?
It can depend on what you have planned, but my favourite gigs have been all day affairs, mostly around 10 hours. Being there for the whole day means more time for people to get comfortable with you and more opportunities to capture spontaneous moments - which is what most couples really want to see in their photos. I also love being there longer because I love a good chat, and by the time I leave a I’ve gotten to know pretty much everyone at the wedding! 

And how do you know if a photographer is any good?
Having one recommended by a trusted friend is ideal. Failing that, hospitality and other good vendors work with loads of photographers and should be able to recommend good ones they’d like to work with again. Good reviews on Google and Facebook can be the icing on the cake, but word of mouth is queen in this game. 

The million dollar question - how much does photography normally cost?
How long is a piece of string!?! Like everything, there is a massive variation in cost (and quality) with wedding photographers.  Realistically, you’re looking at $3000+ for a quality photographer providing a full day's coverage.  I think the most important thing is being clear on your budget from the get go.  It’s also important to factor in things like second shooters (for more extensive coverage), albums and prints, as these can increase the cost considerably.

Does a higher price mean a better photographer?
Short answer: no. There are certainly amazing photographers that are not charging the earth and average ones charging a lot.  It’s tough to go on price alone, as the value a photographer provides is really in the eyes of the couple, and it’s only fully realised over a long period of time. To me, having someone around on the day who makes you feel at ease, who you can have a laugh with, who distracts you when Great Aunt Norma gets drunk and says inappropriate things to the groom… That’s priceless.  And you can’t tell how well you’re going to gel with someone just by looking at a price tag.

What should be included in the price?
Awesome service!  This includes a photographer who communicates clearly, answers any emails, texts phone calls promptly and delivers the final images in the time agreed.  As for images, you can expect a curated selection of colour corrected, high resolution files ready for printing and sharing. As far as exact numbers that really differs between photographers - but should be clearly stated from the get go.  Any add ons, such as albums or prints should also be communicated in the price, prior to the wedding, so you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Anything extra to keep in mind?
As you navigate quotes, budgets, guest lists, don’t lose sight of the best bits. Like the feeling you’ll get looking out on a crowd of people you love, where you recognise everyone's face, and they’re all there just for you guys. At my own wedding, that moment completely knocked me off my feet. I looked at them, and back at Amy, and I just completely lost my shit.  Incredible. 

How long should portrait sessions take?
If you’re getting married at an amazing location like the farm, where there are so many great spots so close together, 30 - 45 minutes is heaps.  Factor in more time if you want to move around locations.  And don’t forget to budget in at least 20 minutesfor family photos (it can take a while to track down all those relos!). 

What should you receive after your wedding?
Most photographers deliver the full set of images within 4-6 weeks after the wedding.  Depending on your specific photographer, you might receive a surprise image or two the day after the wedding to share on social media.  If there’s something specific you want, ask when you book and most photographers will be happy to work something out.