Pro Tips About Wedding Photography - 1

Photography: its a seemingly magical craft whereby simple little moments are turned into stunning timeless images, all through the intangible combination of a camera and the human behind it. To help demystify the whole process a little, we've asked one of our fave wedding photographers, Timothy Marriage (!) for his pro tips on everything from how to improve the lighting in your bathroom to keeping your photographer happy! Check out more of Tim's amazing work on his website.

Your photographer will love you forever if you choose a well lit area to do your preparations - both boys and girls. If you want to level up, pop a full length mirror in there as well. Bathrooms rarely have enough room or natural light to get amazing prep photos. 

I’m a huge fan of the late arvo ceremony. Leaves plenty of room to get ready and chill with your fam before the ceremony. Also puts you directly in front of the goal posts, lighting-wise, as there’s a good chance your portraits will be happening when the sun is a bit lower (two big thumbs up).

How to keep your photographer happy
Feed them!  The number one thing I hear photographers and videographers complain about is when they get fed. “I’d just sat down and then the speeches started!!” is a very common refrain. Tell your crew to feed them before everyone else and they won’t have to stress about their tummies when it comes to capturing the next key moment.

Set photos vs ‘in the moment’
A good photographer will be able to capture a mix of both documentary (in the moment) and staged (posed). As far as getting “natural” posed shots, some couples might need or ask for more direction and some you can just stand them somewhere, hang back and click away. It’s part of the job to make people feel less self conscious and pick up on who needs what in order to get the best shots.  Communication is key! 

Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. If you want an outdoor wedding then it just goes with the territory. As far as photos, I love shooting in the rain! There is always some trees, eaves to shelter under and I love a good bridal-party-in-gumboots shot. 

Bright Sun
If you’re planning a middle of the day, outdoor ceremony, your best friend is a Jewish Chuppah. There’s heaps of variations around, but basically it’s a white canopy that not only shelters you from bright sunlight, but casts the most amazingly flattering light. Of course, the farm has the Oak Tree which has got to be the absolute best sun shade ever!!