5 Reasons Graze Tables are the Best Way to Feed a Crowd

We love graze tables, and not only because they're a great reason to cook up a huge feast! There are actually some pretty solid reasons why we think they're the best way to feed a large group of people.

Photo by Timothy Marriage

Photo by Timothy Marriage

1. Graze tables look great! An abundant spread of food, beautifully styled on mismatched dishes and platters with seasonal flowers and foliage is a feast for the eyes, and is a sure-fire way to get guests excited about the meal.

2. The food is delicious. When you're feeding a big group, focusing on food that is designed to be shared means you can get the best quality produce that doesn't need to be overly 'mucked about' with. Slow roasting  a high quality lamb shoulder over 8 hours and serving it on a platter with a bowl of homemade mint jelly is pretty much guaranteed to be amazing, its a dish designed for the purpose of feeding a group of people. Now compare this to attempting to cook and plate hundreds of cutlets perfectly - there's a much higher chance they will be dry and uninspiring. Not to say its impossible, but the fact that wedding food as had a reputation for being sub-par goes to show its not often done well.

Photo by The White Tree

3. Its efficient. When it comes to feeding a lot of people, plating meals individually is incredibly inefficient. From a cost perspective, it means most of the budget goes into paying lots of staff to put this together, which either leaves less to spend on the produce, or ups the overall cost significantly. 

4. Everyone gets what they want! People can see everything on offer and take a bit of everything, or just the dishes that take their fancy. Instead of awkwardly swapping plates or sticking with a meal they may not like, guests are given choice and are able to try everything.

Photo by Kitty Wursthorn

5. Guests an eat as much as they'd like! The aim for our graze tables is that everyone can return for seconds, maybe even thirds and feel like they've had a wonderful meal.  Celebrations are the best reason for a feast and an abundant graze table laden with food is the ultimate feast.

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