In Praise of Winter Weddings

Doing so much work at a venue like Collingwood Children's Farm means that every day we're at the mercy of the weather. The first thing you learn is that there is no chance of controlling how the weather will turn out the day of a wedding (we've worked during plenty of summer thunderstorms and gorgeous clear winter days to know anything can happen - thanks Melbourne!). But the second thing you realise is that its all about how you handle it.

A winter wedding with plenty of hot chocolate and mulled wine is just as fun, and possibly even more memorable, as a wedding on a lovely warm day. Getting into the swing of things and embracing the chilly air provides all sorts of opportunities to be creative and make things interesting. Cosy shawls or blankets as favours keeps guests cosy and eternally grateful to the good sense of the couple for providing them! We also love to light the chimenea and enjoy the scent of woodsmoke in the air and cosy warmth of the fire. In winter people are almost always hungrier too, so that the wedding feast is enjoyed with gusto.

Because not everyone thinks so creatively beyond the fears that winter is too cold for a wedding, there's always more availability for venues and services, and you might even get some things a bit cheaper as well. If you don't believe mid-year weddings are beautiful, having a look at these gorgeous photos might change your mind.

Farm cafe 12.jpg
melbourne farm wedding.jpg