Our food

We are absolutely obsessed with great food. We believe in real food made from traceable, local sustainable ingredients and firmly believe this starts with amazing produce.

Organic Schulz dairy milk, free-range eggs from Burd, free-range heritage breed pork raised in Central Victoria and highest quality beef, Southdown lamb and free-range chicken from Gamekeepers Meats ensure our meat, eggs and dairy are ethically raised and the highest quality.

We source as much fresh fruit and vegetables as we can from Somerset Heritage Produce. Farmers based just one hour out of Melbourne in Seymore they specialise in seasonal, organically grown heritage varieties. The difference in flavour and freshness is instantly noticeable compared with produce commercially grown using unsustainable farming techniques.

Its not uncommon for other Melbourne caterers to buy many of their menu items ready made wholesale and simply reheat and plate them for a function. True to our beliefs in providing real food made with all the love of a home cooked meal, every dish on our menus is handmade fresh on site by our chefs.


  • Gamekeepers Meats
  • Noisette Bakery Bread
  • Schulz Organic Dairy
  • Somerset Heritage Produce
  • Burd Free Range Eggs
  • STREAT coffee
  • Calmer Sutra Tea
  • Savour and Grace
  • Rooftop Honey

Our menus

We instinctively shy away from the rather daggy word ‘catering’ as it calls to mind serving alternating plates of uninspiring ‘chicken or beef’. None of that here, we specialise in serving up food that is designed to be shared, bringing people together with the time-honoured tradition of sharing a meal.  

All of our menus are abundant, lavish spreads that guests can return to for seconds and thirds. We want people to feel nourished and excited by an incredible feast that leaves them feeling well fed and that is served with a sense of genuine hospitality.

We offer three different menus to suit different styles of weddings.

GRAZE TABLE $77 per head  Our abundant graze tables are beautifully styled and laden with platters of food for people to help themselves and return for seconds! We continually replenish the graze to make sure the food remains fresh and appetising. A graze keeps the atmosphere dynamic as people move around and help themselves. Click to view a sample menu.

PLATTERS ON TABLES $89 per head Guests comfortably seated at beautiful long tables, sharing an abundance of food from platters served to their table is our relaxed take on the traditional seated wedding. Platters to share makes sure everyone gets exactly what they like and how much food they want, and creates a convivial atmosphere of celebration as people sit together to share a meal. Click to view a sample menu.

COCKTAIL $85 per head A selection of generous pieces and smaller bite sized snacks, the cocktail menu is easy for guests to eat when standing. There’s nothing worse than going hungry at a cocktail event so we provide roaming service as well as a graze table so that guests always know where to get food, and we make sure the amount of food provided is so ample that every guest is well fed and can eat no more. Click to view a sample menu.

True to our belief in unique, bespoke weddings we can tailor each menu to suit your tastes, and we are happy to accommodate special dietary requirements - our job is to feed everyone, and feed them well!