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The Farm Café will review your dietary requirements and contact you if we need more information or if we have concerns about catering for you.  

IMPORTANT: If your event is less than one week away please send in the form and also email your events planner make sure we've got it!

Typically at our events the main course is served via shared plates either at a graze table or by platters on guest tables.  Entrees can be harvest boards, trays of canapes, or salad jars. With this style of catering we cannot guarantee that there won’t be cross-contamination between dishes during service.

A menu card will be available identifying the dishes to be served and their main ingredients.  Each dish will be coded to indicate Gluten Free (GF), Vegetarian (V) ,Vegan (VE), Dairy Free (DF), Contains Nuts (N), Wheat Free (WF).

For allergic individuals if we are preparing a menu including  the food that you are allergic to we will prepare, plate and serve your meal separately.  However, please be advised that although we will take care to prevent cross contamination we cannot guarantee that there will not be traces of your allergen in the food we prepare.   You are welcome to bring your own food if you prefer.

Vegetarians, vegans and those avoiding gluten the menus will identify dishes that are suitable for you with a V, VE or GF.  We sometimes alter a dish on the menu or provide an alternative to ensure you have enough variety.  Please identify yourself to the wait staff or we will find you via the seating plan (if one is available) to deliver your dish.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your events planner.