Let's face it: most people hate having their photo taken. Add to that the fact you've likely spent months organising a beautiful wedding and invited all your favourite people, why would you then want to leave for hours on end to do something you don't enjoy? We understand that disappearing from your own wedding while your guests are treated to delicious food and drink as they relax after the ceremony is a tad unfair, so we've made sure that our photographers are not only supremely skilled at what they do, they're also super friendly, relaxed people who will make capturing some beautiful wedding portraits fuss free, and even fun. 

You can grab a beer or glass of sparkling and we'll even send you off with a picnic basket just for the two of you to enjoy as you have some natural, meaningful photos taken of one of the biggest days of your lives. Our photographers are great at capturing the little moments that you may not even realise are happening, rather than forcing you to hold artificial poses artificially for eternity (although if you want to pull out your best dramatic pose - go for it!).

our wedding package

We understand photography can be another expensive addition to a wedding day, and because we're not solely relying on the photography for our income we're able to offer super high quality photography for a reasonable price. Our wedding package costs $3100 and runs for 8 hours over your preferred time period. Within 4 weeks of the wedding will deliver 200 digitally graded and edited images ready for you to relive your wedding day.