Styling and Hire

We have an extensive range of gorgeous vintage and industrial styling equipment available to hire. Ask your event producer for ideas and advice as we love making each wedding as stylish and pretty as possible!

We know what works at the farm and pride ourselves on adding those little details like beautiful signage and twinkly lights to create a feeling of warmth and celebration. 



Props and style items


White market umbrellas - $80 each

Gas heaters - $60 each

Basket of blankets - $40

Basket of clear guest umbrellas - $40

A price guide for weddings by the Farm Cafe, Melbourne

When your planning your wedding one challenging part is working out how to get the most bang for your buck. We speak to a lot of people and it's common to hear people say things like 'the minute we mention we're having a wedding the price seems to double'. Yes - the wedding industry in Melbourne does have some shady characters that will charge you heaps. We're not like that. We like transparency and want to empower you to feel like you have everything you need to make a decision you're happy with.

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